RESOBORG is an artist, illustrator, and muralist who works for clients across the world.

In everything that the studio produces, there is a high level of concept and craft developed in each commissioned project with an attention to detail of the highest standard. Collaboration is an absolute key in working with clients and communities to reflect the brief and environment. In every step of the creative process, the client is treated with care and transparency of what is being generated from ideation to completion. 

WESLEY@RESOBORG.COM  |  +27 71 268 9271

Identity Development

Packaging Design
Print & Poster Design
Apparel Design
Custom Illustration
Personalized Artworks 

Designer / Muralist / Illustrator / Artist / Traveller
Husband / Dad / Teacher / High Five Giver



A selection of interviews with various online publications.


2015 - Queens University, New York, USA. 
2011 - Proartibus Foundation, Finland. 


2021 - Mural for the European Union, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
2020 - Mural for Gates Notes, Seattle, USA.
2019 - Mural for Southapedia Mural Festival, Durban, South Africa. 
2018 - Mural for Durban Municapality, Durban, South Africa. 
2018 -  Mural  for Staufferstadt Arts,  Virginia, USA. 
2017 - Mural  for True Advertising, Auckland, New Zealand. 
2015 - Painting for Queens University, New York, USA. 
2014 - Painting for Durban International Airport, Durban, South Africa.
2014 - Mural for Lion Matchbox Factory, Durban, South Africa. 
2013 - Mural for Myciti Bus, Milnteron Bus Terminal, Cape Town, South Africa. 
2012 - Mural for Myciti Bus, Gardens Terminal, Cape Town, South Africa. 


1st Place - K-Swiss Shoe Competition judged by Logan Hicks (New York, USA).
1st Place - BlackBerry Emoticon Design Competition.
3rd Place - Emma Smith Award, Durban University of Technology.


2018 - Simulacrum, Gallery A, Johannesburg, South Africa.
2015 - This is the Place, Salon 91, Cape Town, South Africa. 
2015 - Track Sides, Open Plan, Durban, South Africa. 
2015 - Absa Atelier, Absa Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa. 
2014 - Transformative, Word of Art, Cape Town, South Africa.
2012 - Beautiful Loser, Word of Art, Cape Town, South Africa. 
2011 - Broadcasts, KZNSA Gallery, Durban, South Africa. 
2011 - Locals Only, Wolves Cafe, Johannesburg, South Africa. 
2010 - Diagram of a Heart, Nike Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa. 
2010 - City Slicker, Blank Projects, Cape Town, South Africa. 
2009 - Verb Skateboard Show, Melbourne, Australia. 
2009 - Laduma Skateboard Show, Kentucky, USA. 
2009 - Bean Bag Bohemia, Durban, South Africa. 
2009 - Bigwood Berlin, Artspace, Durban, South Africa. 
2008 - Under These Skies, Salon 91, Cape Town, South Africa. 
2007 - Carry Me Away, Cornercafe, Durban, South Africa. 
2007 - Emerging Creatives, Design Indaba, Cape Town, South Africa. 
2007 - Iron Fist Show, Touring Show, South Africa. 
2006 - Off The Wall, Artspace, Durban, South Africa.