A group show of works by four artists Artists include : Paul Senyol Black Koki Wesley van Eeden Gideon Appah. Exhibition closes 23 November 2017 at Gallery 2 in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

In these selected works for our group show simulacrum, I wanted to create works based on a conversation with Aaron Rose (artist) that discusses the concept of where contemporary society sits currently. Modern culture is repeating itself, selecting an interpreting the past to create something new or to celebrate the past in nostalgia. Sometimes this copy (the simulacrum) of the past is almost more real than the original and sometimes becomes something that is a contradiction of this past but is believed to be true. Instead of making a clear statement the works in this exhibition explore the narratives of each title of the work through abstraction and gives the viewer the opportunity to interpret the work as opposed to creating a clear representation of the title in graphic form.