“Love Imvelo” a new mural by Resoborg

Supported by RVCA, The Human Elephant Foundation, Shoppe, Brand Iron, Maza and Counter Culture.

Situated in the heart of Durban’s “design precinct” known as Station Drive, Wesley van Eeden aka Resoborg paints one of his largest and most detailed works to date, on the wall where Brand Iron and Maza are situated.On surface level, this new mural is a pretty image with smooth lines and happy colours, where Wesley attempts to replicate his digital illustration work by hand to add some colour to the creative hub. However, on a deeper level, this attempt at paint ‘control’ is metaphorical to the things that he can’t control or understand in human existence and acts as a spiritual exercise during the production of the mural.

“Imvelo” is the Zulu word for the environment, and this artwork has a subtle message of encouraging a love for the environment, where technology is currently holding the populace’s attention span. The mural includes pattern work that is inspired by local African patterns found in textiles and there are icons such as the Protea and Flamingo, which represent products that can be purchased at Shoppe in Station Drive – one of the funders for the project and situated just up the road from the new mural.

The pattern represents balance and harmony with nature and acts as an encouragement for deeper interaction and respect for the natural world. The Human Elephant Foundation who were also part funders for this mural, are a visionary and collaborative organisation, who initiate and facilitate discussion and innovative problem-solving, to create a better, respectful and sustainable world.

Wesley’s hope for the mural is that the artwork appeals to both kids and adults alike and encourages and inspires a connection with nature. RVCA often use the term “balance of opposites” and a lot of the pattern in this mural visually plays with the idea of balance and mirroring, to further accentuate the message of a balanced environment.